ISERN Medical Telecom, first company of certified quality under the International Standard ISO 9001 for the entertainment of patients in hospitals

ISERN Medical Telecom is widely recognized in the medical sector as a guarantee of quality in the provided services, for both users (patients and professionals) and customers (hospitals).

ISERN contributes to the reduction of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) in hospital rooms, incorporating antibacterial technologies to their equipment material

ISERN Medical Telecom, a company specialized in the provision of telecommunication services for hospital rooms, applies antibacterial technology to all their products, from remote controls to phones, through television equipment, clinical stations, payment terminals and other items installed in a hospital room, being such a high quality professional products that are clearly differentiated from other domestic equipment.

Constituted ISERN ITALIA SRL to provide service to the Italian market

After some years working in the Italian market indirectly through concessionary companies, ISERN has decided to have a direct presence in Italy. For this reason it has been constituted the new company ISERN ITALIA SRL, based on Rubano (Padova).

ISERN celebrates its 60th anniversary

2012 was a very special year for ISERN, because three important things for the company history have happened: the 60th. Anniversary of its foundation, the inauguration of the new Corporate Building ISERN and the creation of IDeTICS, the first R+D Unit specialized in the information and communications technologies applied to the healthcare in Spain, in particular to the Tv, Telephony and internet services for hospital rooms.

ISERN installs its systems in the new Alto Deba Hospital

ISERN has installed its own equipment for the Tv and Telephony services in the new Alto Deba Hospital, located in Mondragón (País Vasco). With this new installation, ISERN manages more than 90% of the hospitals in the Servicio Vasco de Salud (Osakidetza, svs).

ISERN Medical Telecom inaugurates the new corporate headquarter

The new enclosure of 6.500m2 has required an investment of over 6 M€ from the company and includes the first unit in Spain of R&D applied to Health: IDeTICs.

The bosses of Innovacat visit IDeTICS section of ISERN

The bosses of Innovacat Awards have visited the facilities of ISERN to see the evolution of the project for Innovation and Development of Information and Communication Technologies applied to health (IDeTICS, for its acronym in Catalan) where the company works. ISERN won the Innovacat Award -in the category of Advanced Enterprise- for this project.

ISERN Medical Telecom moves its headquarters to a new corporative Building

ISERN has relocated its facilities into a new corporate building of 6.500m2. This new facility, located at Dr. Ramon y Cajal, 1, Vic - Barcelona, represents an investment of more than 6,000,000€.

ISERN supplies the TV service to the new Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus

The new Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus trusts to ISERN the management of the TV room services for a period of 8 years. The Hospital, with advanced and functional architectural design, has been equipped in the latest medical and information technologies, choosing the system IS-16 of ISERN for its 500 hospital beds.

The Consorci Parc de Salut Mar of Barcelona, previously IMAS, conceeds to ISERN the Television and Telephone services for rooms

The Consorci Parc de Salut Mar of Barcelona, an entity that manages the hospitals depending on the previous IMAS (Institut Municipal d’Assistència Sanitaria), has conceded to ISERN the installation of equipment for television and telephone services of the Hospital del Mar and Hospital de l’Esperança.