"We have exciting plans, we are continously embarking on new projects"

IT Development Department

ISERN has its own R & D department, IDeTICS (Research and Development of Information and Communication Technology applied to Health), with a significant annual budget to contribute to the digitization of rooms with advanced equipment and systems that have a high technological level to remain among the top specialists in the European market.

ISERN works according to the Medtech concept, blending medicine with technology, so it has signed multiple collaboration agreements with different hospitals, schools, colleges and research centers, identifying needs in the medical field, with ISERN providing the technological part.

All of ISERN's resources in the R & D field are focused exclusively on developing solutions that fall under the inpatient concept, directing all efforts at the field of hospital rooms in which the company is specialized.

  • Antibacterial


    The antibacterial Property of ISERN equipment is based on incorporating a secret component incorporated in the master batch. It is not a simple coating, rather its action is integrated into the entire piece and lasts throughout the service life of the product. With this, ISERN actively contributes to the reduction of nosocomial infections acquired in rooms.

    Its effectiveness has been tested by three external and independent laboratories, where a reduction of more than 99.9% in the number of bacteria present on the surface is certified.

  • Masterbatch


    ISERN's R & D department has developed a masterbatch that is mixed at the time the plastic is injected, giving it a number of different properties, namely:

    • Antibacterial property.
    • The characteristic color of ISERN equipment (hospital white), allowing both the equipment and its accessories in the room to form an aesthetically uniform set together.
    • UV protection to help prevent aging of the equipment caused by sunlight on equipment installed near a window.
  • Alexia


    Alexia is a constantly evolving piece of software that allows the HIS to be operated from the room, at the bedside. Its secret is a fast, simple and friendly user interface so it can be used very intuitively. The name Alexia actually comes from a disorder, alexia, which is an illness characterized by the loss of the ability to read and write of those affected by it, so it expresses the user interface philosophy very intuitively, removing the need to read or write.
    Alexia is a trademark registered by ISERN, SAU.

  • IS-Quality Control

    IS-Quality Control

    This is a mobile app, developed entirely in the company R & D department, which, using NFC technology, allows all preventive and corrective maintenance tasks performed by technicians to be recorded. It allows real-time management of the state of installation and generation of quality reports.

  • Hardware solutions

    Hardware solutions

    ISERN develops its own specific hardware solutions for hospital room equipment.

  • CONTACT LESS Vending Machine

    CONTACT LESS Vending Machine

    One of the latest developments in hardware made by the R & D department has been the microchip card vending machine that accepts payment by mobile phone and contactless bank cards, in addition to regular bank cards and cash. This machine is part of the pre-payment system for hospitals wanting the patient entertainment service equipment to be self-financed. It is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing users to access the entertainment service at any time.