About us

ISERN is a specialist in ICT systems for hospital areas

ISERN is a company specializing in the provision of telecommunications services specifically for hospital rooms across two areas: access to the HIS from the room for staff and entertainment and telecommunications for the patient. The company has more than 65 years of experience in the sector and manages over 25,000 hospital beds.

The company offers comprehensive solutions for hospitals:

  • Consultation and provision of equipment and systems.
  • Installation and maintenance at various levels.
  • Operation and provision of services directly to users, managed entirely by ISERN without the need for intervention from the health centers.

High technological level Highly advanced equipment and systems

ISERN has its own R & D department, IDeTICS (Research and Development of Information and Communication Technology applied to Health), with a significant annual budget to contribute to the digitization of rooms with advanced equipment and systems that have a high technological level to remain among the top specialists in the European market.

ISERN covers the entire European market

ISERN is a multinational company headquartered in Vic, Barcelona (Spain) where it designs and manufactures most of its products. Eastern Europe is covered by the ISERN Italia SRL delegation, based in Rubano, Padova (Italy).

Technical coverage throughout Europe. In both installation and maintenance

ISERN has an extensive service network with coverage throughout Europe. Its technical services offer both installation and maintenance services at various levels, including turnkey.