Digitize the "last mile" of healthcare

The World Hospital Congress, which was held this week in Barcelona, ​​has hosted the presentation of Alexia CLINIC. The mobility solution, developed by ISERN Medical, has been selected by APPLE to offer hospitals a tool that allows them to manage key information and utilities for bedside care with iPhone and iPad devices.

During the opening day of the World Hospital Congress, in the auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona, ​​the session ‘Transforming healthcare with Apple’ was presented, in which the ISERN Medical team exposed the benefits and functionalities of Alexia CLINIC. "To offer the best patient experience with the highest quality of care, we need tools that provide responsiveness, agility and security. Alexia CLINIC is a mobility solution that allows digitizing the ‘last mile’ of care in a hospital and transforming the bedside care", explained Eduard Farga, CEO of ISERN Medical.

How does it work? Information at your fingertips

Hospitals have a multitude of programs to manage patient information: hospital information systems, nursing care, laboratory, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging ... Alexia CLINIC connects them and offers a single interface and intuitive, that allows you to manage information and access key utilities for assistance through mobile devices. With them, nurses can more easily and safely perform actions such as identifying the patient, validating and administering the medication, recording the constants, following the evolution, requesting diagnostic tests and consulting their results, recording evaluations ... All without moving on the patient's side.

Vic University Hospital, the real model

Alexia CLINIC has been developed as a co-innovation project between different hospitals and ISERN Medical, in which dozens of healthcare professionals, engineers and computer scientists have participated. La Unió awarded it as the best innovation initiative in hospital management of 2018 (year of its first development).

The large-scale pilot test began in 2019: the Vic University Hospital (Barcelona) was the first center to implement nursing mobiles in all its hospitalization units. The head of the Surgical Care Unit, nurse Anna Alsina, explained at the congress the hospital's experience after two and a half years using the platform in her day-to-day life. "You leave the room with the assurance that the work is well done and recorded," Alsina summarized.