An initiative against COVID joined by ISERN is internationally awarded

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) has recognized with the 'Beyond the call of duty for COVID-19' award a hundred initiatives, promoted by hospitals around the world, which demonstrated great agility and an exceptional capacity for transformation and response during the first wave of the pandemic.

One of them has been the Vic Salud Pavilion, the field hospital that was set up in record time in the city of Vic to care for COVID-19 patients. In a few days, this equipment managed to become an extension of the regional hospital for attend everyone who need it. The project, led by the Vic Hospital Consortium and the Vic City Council, with the advice of Médecins Sans Frontières, had the essential collaboration of different institutions and companies in the territory.

ISERN Medical Telecom was one of the companies that was most involved in solidarity with the project, by giving 40 televisions to make the stay of patients more comfortable and pleasant. In just 24 hours, our technicians assembled an entire network of antennas with amplifiers, shunts and cabling, as well as forty 43-inch televisions of our specific model for hospitalization areas: ISERN Smart TV Led.

The enabling of the Vic Salud Pavilion at the highest peak of the pandemic, allowed to provide tranquility, security and guarantees to the citizens of the territory. And proved that, with the union of forces of many companies and institutions, challenges that seemed impossible can be achieved.