The bosses of Innovacat visit IDeTICS section of ISERN

The bosses of Innovacat Awards have visited the facilities of ISERN to see the evolution of the project for Innovation and Development of Information and Communication Technologies applied to health (IDeTICS, for its acronym in Catalan) where the company works. ISERN won the Innovacat Award -in the category of Advanced Enterprise- for this project.

The award Avança is given to innovative companies that highlight because of their career and adaptability, conditions that ISERN had proved widely assumed and had made that the company deserved the award. The responsible of the award, who considered that the ISERN idea IDeTICS achieved the real needs of many people, have been able to check first-hand the status of developing of the project. The first Spanish unit of R & D in ICT applied in Health (IDeTICS) is integrated in ISERN Medical Telecom, a business line specialized in the provision of television and communication services to hospital rooms as well as health centres. In IDeTICS is where R & D activities are conducted with the objective of applying new information and communication technologies to the hospital sector, creating new differentiated products.

ISERN currently manages communications in more than 25,000 hospital beds along Spain and Italy.