ISERN Medical Telecom inaugurates the new corporate headquarter


ISERN opens its new corporate building of 6,500 m2, which unifies the central facilities of the company. The new building represents an investment of more than € 6 million and has been built with sustainability criteria, incorporating the newest technological advances in energy savings. An important part of the new building of approximately 2,000 m2 is where one of the main business lines of the company, ISERN Medical Telecom, is allocated. This business line consists in the provision of telecommunications services for hospital rooms. The building houses the first unit of R & D in ICT for Health in Spain (IDeTICs), where new products and specific solutions to this sector are developed. This unit was awarded in prizes INNOVACAT. The Minister of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Hon. Mr. Boi Ruiz Garcia, led the ceremony, which is part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the company.

The new enclosure of 6.500m2 has required an investment of over 6 M€ from the company and includes the first unit in Spain of R&D applied to Health: IDeTICs

ISERN, which started its career in 1952, bills currently € 11 million and generates a hundred of jobs all over the state. ISERN Medical Telecom accounts for 60% of turnover of ISERN and manages the communications of more than 25,000 hospital beds in Spain and Italy. The creation of this line of business for the health sector in 1989 -a line where ISERN is a pioneer and leader in Spain- has been one of the catalysts for the company's growth in the last decade. Currently the company is developing new ICT products for hospital rooms which incorporate internal communication and management solutions for hospital staff and improve the efficiency of hospitals with the addition of new information technologies in their rooms.

Picture: Mr. Mariano Isern, CEO of ISERN in his speech. At his side the Hon. Boi Ruiz, Minister of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.