ISERN Medical Telecom moves its headquarters to a new corporative Building


ISERN has relocated its facilities into a new corporate building of 6.500m2. This new facility, located at Dr. Ramon y Cajal, 1, Vic – Barcelona, represents an investment of more than 6,000,000€. Until today, the company, dedicated to the provision of television and telephony services for hospital rooms, had its offices in the city centre, where it had been established over 30 years.

The new building has been built following sustainability criteria and environmental respect. It incorporates the newest advances in technology to save energy such as geothermic, ventilated façade, natural light collectors through glazed tubes, low power consumption machinery, and a system for rainwater collection. ISERN Medical Telecom occupies an important part of this corporate building, 2,000 m2, where the company has its main facilities. The first unit in R & D in Spain of the ICT for Health (IDeTICs) is integrated in these facilities, where new products and specific solutions for the healthcare industry are developed. This unit has received the INNOVACAT award.