ISERN Medical Telecom has performed one of the biggest installations of TV based on IP in Europe

The new Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA), in Oviedo, has awarded to ISERN the concession of Television service for the entertainment of patients in Hospital rooms.

Everything is big-sized in new HUCA. The contract includes the installation, management and maintenance of the Television service in its more than 1,200 hospital beds. This installation was a challenge for ISERN because it is based on TV over IP, IPTV, demanding an important technical effort from ISERN to dimension it correctly. Due to the used technology, this installation is one of the few existing in Europe with this size. The building disposes an IP network with structured cabling and its corresponding principal racks and by floors, all sized for a speed of 10 GB in vertical and 100 MB in horizontal.

The last version of ISERN IS-16 TV was installed in each room, with the corresponding IP extension. The service allows the viewing of all the available TV channels of the area, as well as other services such as radio and Video on Demand.