ISERN contributes to the reduction of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) in hospital rooms, incorporating antibacterial technologies to their equipment material


ISERN Medical Telecom, a company specialized in the provision of telecommunication services for hospital rooms, applies antibacterial technology to all their products, from remote controls to phones, through television equipment, clinical stations, payment terminals and other items installed in a hospital room, being such a high quality professional products that are clearly differentiated from other domestic equipment. With this objective ISERN has developed a component or masterbatch which proportionate antibacterial properties when added in the injection of the plastic to the cast. Therefore it is not a simple covering but the antibacterial properties are in the whole material, lasting approximately for ten years. PLASTICO ANTIBACTERIA This masterbatch is an antimicrobial additive based on silver ions, which are toxic against a broad variety of microorganisms, including the most common in hospital acquired infections (HAI) such as Escherichia Coli or Staphylococcus Aureus, but completely harmless for humans. With these products ISERN contributes to the reduction of HAI in hospital rooms. HAI cause a loss of approximately 7,000 M€ in the European healthcare systems, according to the “Report on the Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated Infections Worldwide”, published by World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2011. According to WHO information, infections related to healthcare affect more than 4 million patients per year in Europe. The main focuses of infections are in our own hands, and can be transmitted by contact with tools touched by patients. So it is especially interesting the antibacterial property in remote controls and telephones. The antibacterial properties of ISERN products have been certified by tests performed by three different laboratories of international soundness, resulting on the elimination of 99.5 % of bacteria and other microorganisms. Following the same objective of contributing to the reduction of HAI and having a professional equipment specific for hospitals, ISERN has introduced IP54 protection to television equipment and IP65 to clinical stations. This protection allows the cleaning staff to use liquid during the disinfection of the room without damaging the electronics of ISERN products. IP65