More than 100 hospitals and health centers have been adapted to DTT by ISERN before the “analogical blackout”

More than 100 hospitals and health centers throughout Spain have been adapted to Digital Terrestrial Television by ISERN. Scheduled updates have been made with at least 60 days before the date scheduled for each of the three phases of the called “analogical blackout”. For adaptations, most centers opted for the equipment replacement by the current LCD flat screen TVs with built-in TDT tuner. Previously it is necessary to update the antenna header equipments by adding the appropriate amplifier modules and checking the network by measuring the signals quality at the each floor extreme. And proceed to its sanitation if required. In centers where TVs haven’t been replaced because they are relatively new, it’s necessary to take action in higher-level antenna header involving the installation of a signal transmodulator for each current channel. These transmodulators convert DTT signal to analogical in this way we evade the TV substitution or install TDT tuner for each TV.