ISERN Italy will install 550 televisions for the Bologna Health Corporation

2016 - The Italian subsidiary of ISERN Medical Telecom has been adjudicated the supply, installation and management of the television service of the hospital Maggiore in Bologna by the local Health Corporation of Bologna, during the following 6 years and with a total investment of more than 950.000 EUR. This service will be used by more than 40.000 patients per year.

The ISERN solution that will be installed in the rooms has been specifically designed for the use in medical environments and is the only one in the market that is made of antibacterial materials, which helps to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections. With this agreement ISERN reinforces its leadership in the field of entertainment services for hospitals in Europe. “There are only a few companies with the technical capacity to offer an integral solution for the television, telecommunication and entertainment services for patients with the necessary quality”, highlights Jaime Alemany, ISERN Area Manager South Europe.