We like working in the health sector as our developments contribute to the evolution of society

ISERN is a company committed to Society. It is highly sensitive to all things relating to the environment, science and social integration. Proof of this lies in the many agreements and cooperation agreements signed with various different institutions and corporations such as universities, hospitals, foundations, institutes or social enterprises, all with the aim of developing the patient care quality in hospital rooms.

Committed to the environment

ISERN is a company that is highly sensitive to the environment. Everything it does is done in consideration of the environmental impact, such as when it was constructing its new corporate building, where sustainability criteria, such as automated management, geothermal heating, ventilated facade and use of rainwater and groundwater, among other criteria were applied.

ISERN's manufacturing process is characterized by the very low consumption of its products, especially TV equipment and clinical stations, which have a high energy rating due to the very low power consumption when in standby mode, which is most of the time. Furthermore, ISERN has signed cooperation agreements with waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) management companies to properly manage the waste generated. The clearest proof of ISERN's concern for the environment is its use of biodegradable materials in manufacturing its microchip cards, having developed an area to test the biodegradability of the cards (pictured).