and telecommunications for patients

The only TV equipment on the market developed specifically for the healthcare sector

Professional equipment. ISERN manufactures the only television equipment and accessories designed specifically for the hospital sector. They have specific features and technical characteristics and are made of antibacterial material, which puts them above and clearly sets them apart from domestic televisions that are sometimes used in hospitals.

Comprehensive solutions. Few companies in the market have the technical capacity to provide a comprehensive patient entertainment, television and telecommunications service solution with the reliability this requires. ISERN can take care of everything, from the supply of equipment, installing it in rooms, the installation of cable networks to bedside equipment such as computer servers, telephone servers, telephone exchanges, IP antenna headers, etc., all with different methods of maintenance, thanks to the extensive coverage of ISERN’S network of technical services.

Payment systems. ISERN has different pre-payment systems in case the Hospital wants users to self-finance investment and/or its maintenance.

Outsourcing services. ISERN also has a platform to take on and provide full support in the operation of the service, so that the hospital does not have to make any investment or cost, so that hospital staff do not need to worry about the user entertainment services or its maintenance at any time, so professionals can invest their time in activities of real value.

Television and telecommunications equipment

televisor profesional antibacteria ISERN.

DTV ISERN Television

ISERN antibacterial LED television; IS-16 model, very low power consumption (<0,5W on standby). Available in 24″ and 32″. HD panel with wide angle side vision of 179º. It has a TDT HD tuner, hotel mode with automatic cloning system with a Pen Drive. Designed in hospital white to match the set of in-room ISERN equipment and accessories. Made from antibacterial material.

Remote control

ISERN remote control. Hotkeys for 4 Hospital channels, “i” key for information, movies, Internet and radio. The battery cover has a hole to place the anti-theft safety screw. White to match the other equipment. Made from antibacterial material.

IPTV Television over IP

MEDICAL TV ISERN with low-energy LED technology and built-in professional PC. Available in 24″ and 32″. Designed in hospital white, with a totally flat screen, it can work both through IP data network, coaxial network or both. Made from antibacterial material.


Gondola type, very robust with a keypad in the handset to make it easier to use from the bed. Dual stand (wall and tabletop) to avoid it accidentally being left off the hook, micro disconnection, R multi-services button and limited volume. Hospital white design to match the set of in-room ISERN equipment and accessories. Made from antibacterial material.

Channel Unit

Unit to hold the payment terminal with a display for user instructions and fully concealed cable connector system. Made from antibacterial material.

Console/support for remote control or phone

Console/support made in white, to match the other in-room ISERN equipment, with a display for the instructions. Made from antibacterial material.

“Pay-per-use” solution

máquina expendedora contactless ISERN. Acepta pago con efectivo, tarjeta de crédito, teléfono móvil, smart watch y tarjeta de crédito contact less.

CONTACTLESS Vending Machine

Microchip card vending machine with large format touch screen. Accepts payment by cash, VISA card; mobile phone and “contactless” bank card. It is made in a vandal proof cabinet with RFID card locking system, without a key lock.

Multi-service payment terminal

Microchip card reader for charging all entertainment services from the room in a single terminal, meaning that the user does not have to move. It has a touch screen for selecting services, two headphone sockets and a user USB port. Made from antibacterial material.

Payment cards

The chip card is the most complete payment method, especially designed for the healthcare environment, as it contributes to getting rid of the use of coins in the health center, improves its safety and integrates payment of all entertainment facilities on one single card. It can be configured according to the needs of the Center, it allows services to be charged in real time and the remaining balance to be automatically transferred if the patient is moved to another room, without the patient needing to take any action. The cards can be customized, contributing to the projection of the corporate image of the Hospital.

Multimedia equipment

terminal multimedia ISERN para los servicios de entretenimiento del paciente hospitalizado.

Multimedia terminal

ISERN professional multimedia terminal, IS-30 model, available in 15.6” or 18” touch screen, for medical staff to access the HCD at the bedside and multimedia entertainment services for the patient, such as TV, radio, telephone, Internet, VoD, games, etc. It has a built-in telephone handset, webcam, speakers, nurse call button, RFID card and microchip card reader for automatic and secure identification of the professional. The terminal is made of antibacterial material and IP65 front protection.

Software Alexia Entertainment

Alexia is a multimedia application developed with cloud computing technology, which allows the comprehensive management of all entertainment services in the hospital room: It allows complete and centralized economic management of ISERN systems, allows remote assistance, facilitates automatic notification and access to historical data and allows faults and the alarm system to be managed.

Accessories for optimal placement of the multimedia terminal

ISERN has different types of arm and ceiling support to easily adapt the multimedia terminal according to the space and furnishings of each room.

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