eHealth solutions for the hospitalization area

The digital room is fully integrated into the HIS in order to optimize the care, management and safety of patients

Implementing ICT helps face the process of accelerated evolution in the health sector, characterized by the gradually aging population, the increase in chronic diseases, the shortage of health professionals and the increase in costs, in addition to the major challenges in increasing operational efficiency, improvements in patient safety and increasing the quality and value of the services provided.

The current IT systems are not agile enough for the hospitalization area. The speed of entering data into the HIS reduces costs and increases the productivity rate, so professionals have more time to spend on their in activities of real value.

In this regard, using ICT is essential to meeting these challenges, which is why any efforts towards implementing digital rooms are beneficial. To do this, the hospital needs an ICT specialist in the inpatient field. Very few technology companies are so involved in improving care processes in the hospitalization area with the scope and depth achieved by ISERN.

Comprehensive solution

Few companies in the market have the technical capacity to provide a comprehensive “digital room” solution with the reliability this requires. This covers everything from Alexia software and its integration into the HIS, the supply of hardware equipment and accessories needed, installation in rooms, network installation, computer supplies, etc. up to and including maintenance of the entire solution in various forms, including having ISERN technicians present in the Hospital, thanks to the wide coverage offered by our company’s network of installers and technical services, so that the solution offers high availability at all times.

Alexia Software

The Alexia software allows the HIS to be operated from the room, improving flexibility and security in the entry of vital signs, confirmation of medication taken, consultation of patient data (clinical history, diagnostic tests, clinical variables, etc.), in its standard version. It has a library/connector to integrate it into the different programs that make up the hospital HIS. The name Alexia is inspired by a disorder, alexia, characterized by the progressive decline in the ability to read and write of those affected by it, so it expresses the user interface philosophy very intuitively, removing the need to read or write.

Clinical station in the room

ISERN touchscreen clinical station with various sizes, IS-750 model, for access to electronic health records and bedside hospital management systems by health/non-health professionals in the Hospital. It has IP-65 front protection and electromedical certification in accordance with international standard EN60601-1-2, FCC certification Class A, CE and LVD. Made from antibacterial material.

Computerized “laptop ready” trolleys

Computerized “laptop ready” trolley or equivalent for laptop integration, specifically designed for medical staff to be able to access hospital applications during their hospitalization duties. It can be transformed into a dispensing trolley with multiple accessories and can be fitted with batteries; it is made with metal components that are highly durable and robust. All surfaces are completely flat and easy to clean. Includes the latest generation laptop, smartcard reader for staff ID cards, base trolley, sandwich panel to fit the laptop with an anti-theft system and tray to hide the power supply.

Accessories for the optimal placement of the clinical station in the room

ISERN has different types of arm, wall and ceiling support to easily adapt the Clinical Station according to the space and furnishings of each room.

Expansion Module

The Clinical Station accessory helps customize identification depending on each case, either by means of RFID, NFC, cryptographic card, microchip card, biometrics or password. Options can be combined for greater security in identification, for example, a chip card plus a password or RFID and biometrics. This accessory also allows for future migration from one identification system to another, or to cover any new needs that may arise, without changing the clinical station.

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